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KratosLives said:
SvennoJ said:

Haha yep, I did that on the Nordschleife and it was so dark! It seemed like some cars didn't have any headlights at all. It would be very cool if you could do a 24hr race with saves in the pit, like in GT5, but with more cars on the track.

What about on a hdr setup? 

They didn't exist yet! (Was talking about GT5)

It's great in GT Sport, and amazing in HDR. The difference is that on SDR you can get blinded by dust/dirt kicked up by the player in front of you. The headlights illuminating the dust can make it hard to see the road. In HDR you have a higher brightness range and can look through the dust without it hiding the track beyond. And the Nordschleife looks great at night. (But only static lighting, in GT5 it got dark and light again)