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I'm excited for it, a lot, even if it was just a GT6 remaster it would still be way better than GT Sport, you mention campaign in GT sport, have you actually played it? I got Gold on all challenges on the first try, it wasn't fun, just boring, the campaign was just tacked on. Remember that the biggest GT fans love the campaign, we didn't have online GT until recently, GT1, 2, 3 and 4 were considered the best ones, and those were not online, they focused on great campaigns.

Graphics on youtube mean nothing, GT sport looked just OK on a ps4 slim, but when I tried it on the ps4 pro it looked like a different game, way cleaner, even tough you cant see the difference on youtube.

This will be the same, a huge jump, but youtube doesn't do it justice.

I fully believe the game that will push graphics will be forza 8, but in the end we are at a point that graphics is just cleaning aliasing and little things like that. Games like Ratchet and clank already look like a pixar movie, sure they can improve it but wont be that noticeable.