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SvennoJ said:
KratosLives said:

This game probably has the best lighting I have seen in a game. The ambient lighting, ray tracing, reflections, shadows, track detail, accuracy of day and night time. This is a big step up from gt sport, and obviously running on ps5 not ps4. In my opinion this is a step up from even horizon 5.

It already was that way on PS4, and best HDR I've seen in any game. The night lighting in HDR is unmatched and day time looks great as well with the skies and contrast while going through tunnels.

However it was all baked lighting, reflections, shadows on PS4. Using shadow lines as brake markers, that's not very realistic! I was hoping for more real time lighting, maybe some real time ray tracing on ps5 instead of more static light maps. But static maps still provide better visuals than dynamic lighting, and PD is always chasing after the best look.

With more variation (more static maps) and short races static lighting and weather isn't much of an issue. The silly 10 minute day/night cycle you could set in GT5 and DriveClub was not immersive at all, and for any 10 minute race in real time, you would not see the light change anyway. In Forza Horizon 4 I also felt disconnected with the accelerated time as with most games with day/night cycles. Night is more of a nuisance than exciting. MGS2 had a great feeling of time progression with its baked in cycle, set to story progression. That felt immersive. Same as now in FS2020 with real time and weather, very immersive. Yet of course in flight sims flights can take many hours, race games are more a bunch of quick rounds.

But what about endurance races, will they be back in GT7, and will you be able to race into the night. Plus why not have real time for sport races, the time and weather accurately reflecting the time and weather at the location of the track. There is still a long way to go before race sims are 'finished'. Accurate seasons is next.

Anyway, it seems PD is focusing on weather atm, maybe just static presets for now, yet all that experience will make it easier to switch to a dynamic version later. FS2020's live weather is good but not on the level of what PD is trying to do. Aerosol density, visibility, haze, smog are all missing from FS2020, as well as cumulonimbus clouds and others. It looks very nice, but still misses so much compared to looking at the sky outside. FS2020 has presets as well, and they still outshine live weather in many ways.

The battle between dynamic and (static) presets continue!

All I know is playing GT5 and doing the Leman 24 Hr race in two 12 Hr shifts driving at night with the rain was awesome , and my one complaint was high beam was useless.

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