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Sept 2021 | Sept Event | Reveal Event

Youtube (concurrent viewers): 0.57M | 1.2M | 2M
Twitch (PS channel) : 160k | 377k | 1.01M
Twitch (all channels) : 1.3M | 2.14M | 3.05M
Twitter (PS account) : 57k| 323k | 434k (<1 day)


Twitch (XB channel) : 210k
Twitch (all channels) :(hard to figure out since multiple conferences on the same day)
Twitter (XB account) : 26.6k

Twitch (Nin channel) : 181k
Twitch (all channels) : 1.3M
Twitter (NoA account) : 100k

Hardware reveal youtube views:

SW: 44 million

PS4: 39 million

PS5: 38 million

XSX: 16 million

XB1: 8 million


Added new Sony event. Was pretty popular, nearly 600k and YT and 1.3M on Twitch puts it up there with the E3 shows. I do think there is an added effect of E3 having everyone tune in for multiple conferences.

Still nothing comes close to the PS5 reveal event.

Wolverine and Spiderman will probably be the most popular games on social media.