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DonFerrari said:

The length people still go to downplay Playstation is staggering.

I think its largely because Playstation has once again become the market leader and is in a massively dominant position within the industry, yet there is a divergence in Japan.

There was one point during the PS4 gen where Playstation was making nearly as much revenue as Nintendo and Microsoft combined. Consider that with PS4 getting 25% of Japan and for some they think that's a weakness.

What they don't see is that most JP publishers want to progress as engineers, tech enthusiasts and creatives. They've moved onto a clear AAA pipeline that has led to their biggest successes of all time on the PS4 and will continue with the PS5. Japan's requirement of portability due to their socioeconomic factors, is irrelevant to the rest of the world, who are spending even more money on home consoles.

Playstation will continue getting the best Japanese dev third party support bar none, and as long as that talent is working on PS5, Sony does not mind what their marketshare in Japan is.