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Fei-Hung said:

Hoping we get updates / surprises of:

New Killzone
New Resistance
PSASBR made in partnership with Capcom
Astrobot Karting

One can hope and dream for some of these -_-

I dont understand this mentality, why are gamers not desiring brand new games? Remember spider man? remember Days gone? Remember Ghost of Tsushima? I want more new games like that, something different, not more of the same. I don't understand why is everyone enamoured with astrobot, I didn't like it even tough it was free, nowhere near the great platformers such as mario galaxy, mario odyssey etc Astrobot was a bit meh, played it for like 20 minutes and gave up.

Your list is so sad really, have you no imagination? What about a silent hill reboot? What about Uncharted 5? What about a game of thrones open world RPG? What about Days gone 2? What about a metal gear solid reboot? What about a brand new team ico game?