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JEMC said:

^Good catch.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Intel actually manages to gain some ground. I've checked a bit in some stores and founf that the i7 11700K/KF is almost 70€ cheaper than the R7 5800X, and both give the same performance in games. Given that the motherboards from both sides cost mostly the same and that you can go with 3200MHz RAM for Intel, but it would be better to go with a 3600MHz kit for AMD, going with Intel could save you quite some money, or be enough to buy a better motherboard or NVMe drive.

One of the reasons why I believe that AMD actually grew and not contracted is because under Linux, AMD grew by 2% (to 40% now) in the same timeframe, making the gap between the market share on Windows and Linux almost 13% now while in May (and the months before), is was only half as big.