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Shadow1980 said:
brute said:

Anyone have numbers to see how Switch is doing YoY?
I know we dont have exact numbers but curious how its comparing based on the rough estimates that we have.

Based on the best numbers we do have, for Jan.-July, approximately 3.7M, give or take. Total Switch sales in the same period of 2020 were 3.65M. So, as of the end of July the Switch's 2021 may be slightly ahead of its 2020.

However, it's worth pointing out that back in May its 2021 was behind its 2020 by about 100k or so, and it caught back up because June & July 2020 were relatively slow months for the Switch compared to adjacent months, almost certainly because of stock issues. August, September, and October are in 2020's favor, as each one was substantially better than ~100k weekly average we've been seeing the past several months. The Switch sold 1910k in that period last year, an average of 147k/week. If the Switch continues to average around 100k/week, then its 2021 will likely fall back behind its 2020 by the end of September, and unless the OLED is an absolute juggernaut that pushes October to 900k-1M, then the Switch's 2021 is likely going to remain behind its 2020 by the end of October.

I agree with August and September, but October has both the new Switch model and a new Metroid title early in the month, so this will certainly be much more competitive despite last year's high sales numbers.

Will it be enough to catch up again to last year's numbers YTD? That might be a bit harder, but it doesn't have to, as the holiday season is more packed this year and as such will probably push more sales than the lackluster holiday season last year managed to do.