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shikamaru317 said:

Alright Pints, got your predictions added and tabulated your scores for the games. Your score isn't reflected on the standings table which is out of date for everyone, I will be doing a standings table update after I tabulate the scores for Psychonauts 2 in a few days.

Everybody else, make sure you get predictions in for games that you haven't made predictions for yet, including recent additions Age of Empires 4 and The Artful Escape. The next game release that we have predictions on is The Artful Escape on September 9th, so everybody needs to get a prediction in soon, don't forget.

Here is the latest trailer for the game to help people predict a score:

Cool, You missed my Psychonauts 2 score unless your waiting to add after calculations are done for it.

For the other games I think AoE will review good but get dragged down to mid 80's by a few bad reviews for some random reasons and FH5 should score similar to 4 with either it been a couple of points less due to "more of the same" or a couple points higher if the jump to Series X blows them away graphically.

The Artful Escape - 77

Age of Empire IV - 84

Forza Horizon 5 - 90