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I know I'm late to this but whatever.

The only possible way that Xbox could come even close to the PS5 in sales is if Sony literally screws up in almost every way kind of like the PS3.

The disaster of the PS3 is giving people the false notion that the console wars between Xbox & Playstation is close when it isn't. Really it's only close in North America & the U.K, but outside of that Playstation always will dominate Xbox globally.

Despite the PS3 launching at essentially 800$ in 2021 USD, worse online, inferior multiplats, and Xbox having great first-party exclusives, better mulitplats, online, having a year headstart on the PS3 and the Kinect being a huge selling point. The PS3 was still able to outsell the 360 Globally and for the most part, the PS3 was always selling faster than the 360 when they competed head to head. Sony today is too smart to allow another PS3 disaster to happen again. Not even the 360 was able to outsell the PS3 with a 2-1 ratio despite the PS3 looking like the far inferior console to most Americans. How could the Series X possibly do it with no major advantages over the PS5.