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Rab said:

Progressive Democrats, the true centre, are challenging the 9 Corporate/Conservative/"Moderate" right leaning Democrats currently blocking Biden's infrastructure bill because it doesn't protect/benefit the elites enough, and it appears to be having an effect  

I read about this story too (and we're now up to 10 of them as of today!) and was annoyed by the fact that the articles I've read on this subject described these House members holding up progress on the infrastructure and family bills as "moderates". It irks me because I consider myself to be a moderate and think nothing like these characters. They are not moderates. Both of these bills enjoy the support of more 60% of the U.S. population, and are even more popular than that among Americans who describe themselves as moderate to pollsters.

Contrary to the logic of our corporate press, moderates aren't typically affluent suburbanites who vote for neoliberal candidates and policies. Americans who describe themselves as moderate to surveyors are mostly working class people and live disproportionately in urban areas. The press describes neoliberal politics as "moderate" in order to make them sound more popular, reasonable, and practical than they really are and I disapprove. It's just dishonest.

A politician who opposes Medicare expansion, paid family and medical leave, child care, and tuition-free pre-K and community college isn't a moderate, but a rightist and should be characterized as such. I don't wish to be associated with these worthless bourgeois assholes.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 24 August 2021