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curl-6 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

DF says or at least suggests Crytek wanted to show off the Switch version. Therefore this is probably all DF was allowed to compare at the moment.

I'm pretty sure DF did the same thing with Crysis 1. It was a 7th gen vs Switch video first. Also makes sense given all the Switch ports are based on 7th gen consoles.

Crysis 1 came out on Switch first, so at the time DF covered if the 7th gen versions were all they had on hand to compare it to.

And the PS4/Xbox One versions of Crysis 1 Remastered were also based on the PS3/360 version running on Cryengine 3, as work had already been done to make it less dependent on single threaded performance than the Cryengine 2 original from 2007.

I know that. Crytek is choosing which content they want shown first, DF made that point. Its a marketing decision and also why we didn't get a Switch versus newer platforms comparison. Its not a coincidence we only saw Crysis 2 on PS5 and Crysis 3 on Switch.

I said the Switch trilogy in particular is based on console releases. Yes, I am aware all ports of Crysis Remastered are based on the 7th gen version. Although it seems much more work was done on Xbox and Playstation versions to add omitted PC content.

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