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Digital Foundry does a deep dive into Crysis 3 remastered for the Switch, and the results are impressive.

The PS3 and 360 versions of Crysis 3 are the base for this port, not the PC version like the other ports.  And the visuals and presentation are improved across the board from the PS3 and 360.

Dynamic resolution topping out at 900P compared to the 720P or below of the 7th gen systems.  No word yet on how low it bottoms out, but it looks like it keeps to that 900P target pretty well.

Pretty much locked 30 FPS where the 7th gen versions were very often below 25 FPS.  Frame-time is inconsistent during busier moments but it's a minor problem and doesn't make the framerate drop.

Much better anti-aliasing.

Better lighting, shadows, ambient occlusion.

More foliage.

Better textures.

Clearly it won't match the other versions of the remaster, but it's a very nice upgrade over the previous console versions.