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victor83fernandes said:

This is why I hack my Nintendo consoles only, I'm glad to pay for xbox and ps games. Reasons are

1 - No sales, most good games on Nintendo are still the same price years after.

2 - Some games I already paid for, Ill have to pay again even more than what I originally paid, such as Zelda skyward sword, pikmin 3, mario kart 8 and many others, some of those are not even improved graphically coming from my wiiU

3 - Digital games are tied to the console, not the account, so if my console goes bust, I lose everything, hence why I never ever buy digital on Nintendo consoles.

4 - Some switch games don't even come complete on the cart, because of lack of storage on it, Blurays are 50gb, sd cards are like 16gb, maybe less

5 - Games on Nintendo are not worth full price, because they cant compare graphically and performance wise to the competition, I didnt want a portable, I dont have time to play portable, I only play when I get home, so the switch is severely underpowered compared to my ps5 and even my xbox one X, why would I pay 70 euros for a game on switch in 1080p or less, that is available for 40 euros on the other consoles in 4k?

6 - Switch might be a cheaper console, but you really need a pro controller to compete with the other consoles, and that brings the price up to the same.

7 - Disappointing games, the only brand new first party game worth full price is Mario odyssey for the whole generation. Breath of the wild doesn't count as its the exact same as the wiiU, the rest are ports that look no better than the wiiU, or overpriced remasters, or terrible remakes such as link to the past which is not even worth my time, let alone any money. There's no new pikmin, no new wave race, no new 3d donkey kong, no new mario kart, no new zelda, no new metroid prime, no new star fox, and other games such as smash bros, mario tennis, yoshi etc are nowhere near worth full price because they didnt change much from previous versions, its basically copy and paste, with hd graphics.

Until Nintendo fixes these issues, Ill be glad to continue with my hacked switch, even the new Switch OLED is not reason to upgrade, because its exactly the same if you only play on the TV.

When they release a Switch 2 with all games in 4K or close to it. with either a decent controller or a good price on the console, and brand new games

And here we have another example, of someone who despisses Nintendo so much compared to the other two brands, but is always so eager to play their games, justifyng the piracy, every single one of those reasons can be questioned easily:

1 - I have never understood this, always wanting for the games to be sold for super cheap prices, is truly like saying that the games don't have any value and like saying to the developers: "you now what those hundreds and hundreds of hours you kept working on?, to hell with that i'm not willing to pay more than $5 for your game", in the wii/PS3/360 era everyone wanted their "hyperrealistic games", summing it up to the crisis of 2008 the high cost of production of some of those games ruined several companies.

2 - I don't know what's the problem here, if you still have the console you can play them since you bought them for THAT console, i have several movies that i have bought several times in various formats, because despite what some people say, there have been some improvements from VHS, to DVD and now to Blu-ray or Digital download, and if you don't want to buy them again, you don't need to, samething for the games if your Wii or Wii-U is up and running well and don't want to buy Mario Kart or Skyward sword, then don't do it, but there are lots of people including the kids that weren't born during the wii era or Wii-U now discontinued, that maybe are interested in playing some of them.

3 - Others have already answered you this, and digital in itself is a risk, if a company vanishes or decides that no longer can hold an online service management, your account and everything vanish out of existance and this not only applies to videogames.

4 - There are only a few instances of that that i know of, and most of them aren't from Nintendo, some companies recently stated that the 32gb game carts isn't worth it business wise compared to the 16gb carts, so some companies try and cram the game on a 16gb cart and make you download the rest. it has always baffled me how since the PS1 times people bought into this bullshit of: "Nintendo can't compete with the other companies since they use a inferior medium of storage that can't even hold enough information to have good games", while the only thing that encouraged was bad optimization and waste of space/storage, like Zelda 64 and other games did have tons of content for their time and used the restricted space on cartridges masterfully, while not all games on the PS1 were Final Fantasy and despite that there were games using 2, 3 or even 4 discs to fit in, that is 1.4, 2.1 or 2.8 GB of space, and it was repeated with the Gamecube that was accused of the same for using 1.5 GB miniDVDs, while the PS2 used 4.7 GB standard DVDs, and i dind't knew where the problem was since they gave us timeless classics, and again, it's rich coming from someone praising the other two companies that are precisely the ones that encouraged "downloads" first from additional content, but later from "correcting patches" and later from "day one mandatory upgrades", do you remember that Assassins Creed just from the previous generation downloading a 90GB day one patch?, they were basically redownloading the entire game even if you buyed it physically. 

5 - Again if you are supposedly so against what Nintendo makes, then why are you so eager to pirate their games?, if you don't want a hybrid console good for you, but there are lots of people that benefit from it, again "not worth full price?", if you are just making the evaluation out of the graphical qualities of the games then maybe even if it is a long stretch, but the fact is that the Nintendo Console has an offering clearly not present in any of the other two consoles from the main companies, not only you can't find Mario,Zelda, Pokemon on the other consoles, but also other games like ring fit,splatoon,animal crossing, astral chain, fitness boxing, etc. ,because "they cant compare graphically and performance wise to the competition?, why would I pay 70 euros for a game on switch in 1080p or less, that is available for 40 euros on the other consoles in 4k?", again your argument is the biggest strawman i have ever seen, you are championing graphics over the most important thing in a game called playability, and Nintendo has always prioritized performance and playability over everything, just go and search for all the problems the ports and dual releases of games have had on PS5/XBSX and how they basically have normalized the two modes: chosing between "better graphics" or "better performance".

6 - Ever since the wii(and N64} this has been one of the most stupid arguments there has been, that you were brainwashed into thinking that the "dualshock" like controller is "the ONLY way to play videogames" is your problem, but for those of us that have been playing since the time with Ataris, NES and PCs with MS-DOS, we enjoy playing with different control schemes like "traditional controllers", joystics, mouse and keyboard, arcade stick and buttons. lightgun, wiimote, touch screens, etc., the experience that i had playing shooting games like the conduit, red steel 2, resident evil 4, metroid prime 3 and trilogy on wii, is to this day the best way i have experienced shooter games besides mouse and keyboard, not only feels clunky and outdated moving analogs to aim a gun, just ask why the best splatoon players prefer IR/gyroscope pointing to moving the sticks when playing competitively, you may want the alternative control scheme of the pro-controller but lots of people are just fine playing with the way the controls are desinged, the only valid criticism you could have is that of the joy-con drift, but no, you are just hating for free.

7 - This has already been answered two times already i think?, some of the Wii-U games are excellent games that were rereleased or improved upon, porting them to the switch, it was a good choice to have people experience those excellent games that were unnoticed or could perform better that what they did on the Wii-U, and about Link to the past?, you don't even know what you are talking about, you mean Link's awakening right? guess what that worthless remake:

"The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening received "generally favorable" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic 87/100 . Most critics agreed that the main game needed little change, but that the quality of life updates were welcome. Forbes's review states that Link's Awakening is "an excellent remake of an already faultless Zelda game." While USgamer stated that the remake "improves on the flaws" from the Game Boy version while maintaining what made it a classic in the first place, they did note some "slowdown issues pop up from time to time.""

While I agree that there could be some better new offerings and output of games and a better online service, remember that Nintendo has to oversee both their hardware and software while not being anywhere near big as the other two main companies, and we are almost two years into a pandemic that has impacted not only on the big scale of production but also on everyday work, even the PS5/XBSX and S have had a rough time in both the hardware and software fronts, and when you say "they didnt change much from previous versions, its basically copy and paste, with hd graphics" you clearly demostrate that you don't know how difficult is to program games, and even more why not everything can be ported from one thing to other different  "by just copy pasting", lemme tell you that videogame programing hasn't gotten any easier, on the contrary everything requires more and more work to satisfy demands like yours.

"Until Nintendo fixes these issues, Ill be glad to continue with my hacked switch, even the new Switch OLED is not reason to upgrade, because its exactly the same if you only play on the TV.

When they release a Switch 2 with all games in 4K or close to it. with either a decent controller or a good price on the console, and brand new games"

Not only the other two companies haven't been able to reach "True 4K UHD gaming", the controller is just your bias, and the price you based it on graphics prowess so there is no solution for that.

Okay keep pirating it, with that you are supposedly encouraging the betterment of the industry, right, you are like those teenagers throwing tantrums that since the PS2 era have been waiting for Nintendo to go bankrupt, so they can make games for the other consoles, or sell their properties, just remember that some companies sold everything and their franchises dissapeared into obscurity, and while SEGA now does Sonic and some other games for the hardware producers, it isn't as good as what they did in their own time, i still don't know why are you so eager to play pirated Nintendo games if you think everything they do is of such bad quality.

Last edited by foxmccloud64 - on 21 August 2021