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JuliusHackebeil said:
JWeinCom said:

I think it's a couple of different things...

First off I'm just really sensitive to taste. The taste of pot in that form is really unpleasant and I think it immediately signals to my body there's something it should eject.

Also though, when you're eating something it's much harder to tell how much you're actually doing. Smoking hits you really quickly, so you can tell when you've had too much, but pot takes a while to digest. Like the time I got sick I was thinking "damn these cookies aren't doing shit for me", and then I took a couple of bong hits, which definitely did not help the situation.

Huh, I never heard anyone complain about the taste before. I have even seen people leave in all the plant material for additional aroma. I liked that a lot.

After making butter for cookies I use the left over plant material for soup or make rice with it. Careful it's still pretty potent. (Today's stuff is like dynamite compared to 30 years ago). 7 grams yields 60 cookies and a crock pot full of food. Tastes fine to me. (Actually can't even taste it in soup)

What does taste a lot stronger are the oil extracts. My wife uses that for pain management and no matter what you put it in, you'll taste it. I prefer cookies, for me the oil always seems to time differently, while the cookies are pretty reliable for time to become active.