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So there is this game called Mystic Quest Legend in PAL regions, also known as Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in the US, that was developed and released by Squaresoft for the SNES in 1992 and 1993. It is basically a light-hearted version of Final Fantasy, much more streamlined and simplistic, with a very low difficulty and an easy to follow storyline. I played and loved it when I was a kid.

There is one scene in the game where you save a huge rotting magic tree from a demon infestation and once you managed to do that, the tree starts to walk and takes you to a new location on the world map. So while you ride the giant tree, some other trees in the background are placed in such a manner that they form the words "Go on, kid!". I loved that because not only was it a fairly heroic and releaving moment already, this little message was another form of motivation to keep you going on with all that world saving stuff.

When I registered here on VGC I had a hard time thinking about my user name but I remembered that I had written a walkthrough about this game not too long ago and decided to use this little message as my user name because I like it so much. And my profile pic is the artwork of the main character in this game.