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Week 30 Breakdown:

PlayStation 4: Up in the United States; Down in Europe, Japan, and the Rest of the World; Down overall.

PlayStation 5: Up in all regions.

Xbox One: Down in all regions.

Xbox Series: Up in all regions.

Nintendo Switch: Down in all regions.


Apologies for the extended delay, with all the adjustments coming in following Nintendo's latest figures, I wanted to get all of those done and THEN post the new numbers before giving an update here. (Keep in mind, between the regions and the fact that we're looking at 5 consoles. 5 tables each for 5 consoles is 25 tables in total that need to be adjusted and the 4 sub regions have to add up perfectly to the Worldwide numbers. If just 1 calculation is off, it ruins the whole thing.) Least to say, it can be pretty draining at times, and I make do with what I can.

But now that adjustments are finished, it should start to be a little more smooth-sailing until the next batch! With that said, here's what we're looking at.

Sony and Microsoft both had their 4 systems adjusted up. The PS5 and Xbox Series are really leading the charge for the new generation unlike any other gen before them and the PS4 and Xbox One are fairing a little better than they were before.

Nintendo had the Switch adjusted down, and it took a big hit in its comparison. It looks like we may have our answer as to which year was the peak year for the Switch. I don't see how a strong Fall lineup and OLED model will be enough for it to rebound.