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Machiavellian said:
burninmylight said:

Machiavellian said:

Westbrook can score and he is someone who can command the ball while LB is not on the floor.  One thing the Lakers were definitely missing is that when LB is not on the floor the office just dies.  A rotation of LB, Westbrook and AD with at least 2 of them on the floor at all times give them nice firepower.  Russ ability to dish, gain rebounds and penetrate goes hand in hand with LB and AD abilities.  If they get JJ Redick then they have at least one more knock down shooter on the wing.  I believe you are actually going to see LB with the ball less and Russ with the ball more utilizing his strength better.  It will also allow LB to cut his mins a lot.

Well what about when LBJ is on the floor? If Westbrook is your primary ball handler, what is LBJ's role? And I don't quite see how LBJ and Davis' abilities go hand-in-hand with those of Russ. Davis wants to work from the post in a half-court offense. LeBron wants to probe for shot or drive opportunities with the ball in his hands. Westbrook's games is predicated on playing fast. All three like the ball in their hands.

Also, as a Thunder fan who watched a lot of cringy basketball in the post-Durant years, I do not miss Russ's "rebounding." His high rebounding numbers come from coaches, owners and teammates trying to placate him and boost his counting stats and triple double records by mandating big men box out defenders to let him fly in and get uncontested boards. As opposed to just getting boards themselves and hitting him on an outlet pass. Or leaving his man unguarded around the perimeter so he can be close to the goal for more potential rebounds. That Chris Paul year a couple of years ago was a breath of fresh air.

Looking forward to seeing if LBJ and Davis are going to get in on the act to help Russ pad those stats, lol.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that LAL now has at least one long-range ace in Wayne Ellington. Thus far, the Lakers are treating free agency like a reunion, bringing back Ellington, Trevor Ariza and Dwight Howard all on vet minimums.

People actually thought Chris Paul was going to sign with the Lakers for the league minimum or MLE?

When LB is on the floor let Russ handle the ball.  This is not unknown territory for LB.  When in Cleveland, Kyrie had way more possessions then LB and he handled the ball more when both were on the court.  LB and AD already talking about moving to 4 and 5 spot so they already looking to make Russ the PG and let him play to his strength.  LB is actually do not want to be the one bringing the ball down the court, he want to setup in his spot.  Russ is a very good guard who can penetrate and dish the ball, this will play right into AD and LB strengths.

As for Russ high rebounding I am going to leave that as opinion.  I have watched enough games to see that Russ goes for rebounds and follows his shot.  He is always aggressive which is a + and minus because he does not know how to pace himself.  At the end of the day he is still hungry so we will see what he brings to LA.

I am not saying that Russ is the greatest thing that has come to LA, I am saying that they can make it work and to do that actually plays to his strength.

There must have been some really crazy people to think CP3 is going anywhere for league minimum.

I'm not saying that there is no way that Russ can't work in LA, just that I can't see it. He has either turned off or stopped trying to work with every single other star he has ever played with. Every team that gets him has to completely change its ethos in order to make him comfortable, even when he walks into a situation where it's already somebody else's team. At 33, I don't see him doing a complete makeover of his identity, especially when he's still making AS teams, averaging triple doubles and willing teams to lower playoff seeds.

He reminds me so much of Iverson, who also ran off or turned off every single star he played with, the majority of which started producing much better/more efficiently once they didn't have to share the ball with him. Iverson, who refused to conform his game all the way up until the very twilight of his career. Iverson, who outside of one run to the Finals, could never will his team past the semifinal round of the playoffs.