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mjk45 said:
EricHiggin said:

My fat PS2 laser burned out, mostly because it was mod chipped, plus a ton of play time between my bro and I. It lasted pretty long I'd say in retrospect. We ended up getting a PS2 slim that Xmas because the price wasn't much different than the cost of a new laser and repair fee back then. 

Earlier in 2019 I bought a new legit SNY replacement laser on Amazon or eBay and installed it myself. It was cheap, like $10 or something like that. I just watched 1 YouTube repair tutorial and that's all I needed.

Tearing down a PS2 is pretty easy, especially for the laser because once the outer casing is off, you get immediate access to the disc drive. All I had to do extra was adjust the laser height slightly, which is also no problem, and it worked great. (It's not a bad idea to clean the laser slider tracks and grease them with some new silicone or lithium lube while you're at it for good measure.) 

The fat PS2 works like new again, and now you can buy shipping boxes full of games for dirt cheap! I actually prefer it slightly now over the slim.

If you're handy at all, it's totally doable. 

I have a slim PAL PS2 and a fat NTSC that I bought from the US about 6 years ago for PS1 and PS2 games that didn't get a PAL release, the slim's fine but the fat NTSC model has a stuck drive tray, I hadn't used it for around 2 years and starting it up there was a lot of shuddering as the tray tried to open , and being me I naturally forced the issue and the result was the front fell off . now if I aid it with a small tug I can get it to open halfway before it sticks , so should I se about a  local repair and the associated costs or order a new disk tray and replace it my self ? 

Don't worry I put my elite youtube step by step copying skills to good use and now it' s fixed, but I could do with your help with what to do with the twelve screws and 3 plastic cogs left over .