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Oh and apparently the software numbers are multiplat numbers for those games, not even PS5 numbers. Yikes, that makes it even worse, I originally thought at least PS5 owners were getting all over Miles Morales since there is apparently nothing else they want to buy on the system, but the PS4 game probably sold the majority of that 6.5 million.

Great hardware numbers but abysmal software numbers - nothing in the library that appeals to people very much apparently. I just keep coming back to this comparison with the Switch having four top notch mega selling games out at this point after it's launch (two new games, one port, and one new cross-gen like Miles Morales) and PS5 major selling game which is a cross gen game, which isn't as big as any of those four Switch games. It'd be like if Switch launched with a normal Zelda game instead of the groundbreaking BotW and then didn't bother with Mario Kart, Splatoon, or Mario Odyssey. Just seems strange from the company that is known for always having tons of games on their systems.

Hell, even the N64 had a more impressive lineup of games in this timeframe after launch - in terms of mega sellers it had Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 and was about to release GoldenEye. Now that is saying something!

I'm so confused, are there really like millions of systems bought up by scalpers sitting in stacks? Or is there just nothing interesting to play on PS5 so people are just using it to play their PS4 games? Did the big AAA games for next gen all get pushed back like a year or more cuz of Covid?

I mean I guess these are just games from the Sony Studios right? But I haven't heard numbers for other games. And Rachet and Clank at only 1.1 million after a month seems pretty weak for what is a huge release for the year.

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