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trunkswd said:
curl-6 said:

As Xbox Series S has a solid state drive and the same CPU as the X just at a slightly lower clockspeed, and graphics are highly scalable, it shouldn't be as big a anchor as raw Teraflops might suggest. Games can simply use lower graphics settings on the S and higher ones on S and PS5 in the same way that the PC versions of games are already designed to run on a wide range of hardware power specs.

MS Flight Sim runs pretty dang well on my Series S. We shouldn't be seeing too much any issues for many years with it. 

The Bethesda console exclusivity and Xbox series S maybe Microsoft better positioned this gen. And I believe total sales of the twins(Xbox and PS) stabilize, not more go down, because India market. Let's see...

Low market entry with Gamepass is a good proposition on stationary consoles.