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chakkra said:
S.Peelman said:

"There was no reason to get an XBox One, while there was a reason to own a WiiU. Admittedly not a big one, but it was there. So, WiiU."

And yet 3.5x more people actually bought the X1 over the Wii U, while the Wii U, with its BoW and its MK8 in all its glory, didn't manage to convince 20% of the previous owners to go out of their way to buy the system.


It is actually fascinating to read this thread; people tend to focus so much on what a platform can do that they ignore what it CAN'T. I mean, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of games that you CANNOT play on the Wii U. I mean, you cannot ask to a CoD, FIFA, AC, or a GTA fan what is their favorite console and seriously expect them to answer "they Wii U".


I thought at this point it was obvious that only the most hardcore Nintendo fans saw value on the Wii U proposition; heck, at this point it should be obvious that not even many hardcore fans saw value on it

What is this about? Do you think I do not know that WiiU bombed? This is about what I deem better, and I have a PS4 on which I can play those games you mention if I wanted to, so yes, there was no reason to own an Xbox One, while there was a slim one to own a WiiU.