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I think I have not seen one of these around here so I figured I would make one. I have been reading a lot about the Steam Deck and I think that there is a lot of good discussion that can follow it's reveal.

So, one of the first things I thought of asking was: do you want one? How hyped are you? This is the first question and poll to follow but, as others have done in the past, the polls might be changed/updated in the future.

The other one thing I'm interested in knowing from you guys is the overall expectations about what it is gonna be capable of delivering. Yeah, the specs are insane for the price and I am drooling all over them, but what has made the Switch such an intriguing experience for me is how tightly executed it has been so far. It's level of optimization is insane and to have seen all those amazing ports happening is mind blowing. And, so far, I don't know how the optimization, if any, is going to favor the Deck. It's a PC, albeit a portable one, and the PC versions of games tend to favor high end machines, even if the games are incredibly customizable in the platform. Is this an opportunity for PC devs to start taking lower ending machines into account and deliver experiences for those with not much compromise? I for one need to see the games running on the Deck before I make up my mind, because there could also be compatibility issues (if Windows is not installed), and the battery life might turn me off (heck, my OG vanilla Switch is still capable of some long Monster Hunter sessions before needing more juice). If those turn up to be at least solid this should be a month one buy for me and might make me skip the OLED Switch or even delay my buying of a Switch 2.

Let's discuss!