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sundin13 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

"Someone who trusts those who commit misdeeds in plain view is even more foolish that someone who trusts those who commits misdeeds in secret." You treat incidents as misdeeds by all police.

"You are encouraging trust, but I simply ask for the police to show that they deserve it." My support of the cameras show I am skeptical.

"Until then, it is not the cities who deserve their problems, it is the police who deserve theirs." Again, its the people that suffer more. Police officers will just do less. We are already seeing examples. I repeat, if you wanna neuter the police I suggest having some other crime fighting solutions first. However, I like gun sales are up because people feel less safe.

I treat incidents that aren't appropriately handled, because cops protect cops, as misdeeds by the Policing system. No action is simply an individual action without proper accountability.

As for the consequences of this mistrust in police, I agree that it may cause some negative repercussions, but again, I put the blame for this on the Policing system. They must act to earn the trust of the people they serve by accepting accountability, not stand against it and complain about how they aren't just handed more money and power. I can't support a governmental system that holds the people hostage by threatening inaction as a response to accountability, and if you are truly suspicious of government power, I can't imagine that such a thing would go over well with you either, yet you seem to regard this abuse as a natural consequence and not as the abuse of power it is.

I really think it depends on the situation. Cops aren't always defending cops.

"I can't support a governmental system that holds the people hostage by threatening inaction as a response to accountability" I'm glad you said this because its actually the cities that generally reduce role of law enforcement. Essentially criminals are given more freedom in left leaning cities and the police get to do less.

I feel you've got a anti police agenda going. While I consider myself somewhere in the middle. But I think we both agree, the anti police movement has hurt communities more than actual police officers.

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