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Machiavellian said:
Mr Puggsly said:

"Ahhh, another cope out. Results." Its "cop out," not "cope out." And yes, results matter.

"So you tell us the current results are policy and administration changes but then you cannot provide either administration or policy change." You are too smart, I know you're well aware of policy changes. Especially the ones that have encouraged people to come to the US and has families flying all over the country waiting for their court hearing that are years away.

"So what you are saying then the cost of living which pretty much always goes up wasn't as impactful as you seem to make it out to be." I never complained about my personal living situation, per se. However, I do pay attention to the state of the country. I said quality of life on average is going down for various reasons, people just getting by are obviously gonna get hurt worse with the increased costs of living. The policies of the current administration are responsible. Big spending bills and tax increases will also increase costs of living further.

"Is it store goods and services, gas prices non food items, energy." Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Did a quick search for this...

There is also volatility given expectations of what the administrations might do or wants to do. That impacts prices.

Actually I have no clue which policy or administration change you keep talking about because you for some reason cannot either find it or it doesn't exist. Can you be specific on which policy change that encouraged people to come to the US that was not already incentivized based on their condition already.  What is so new now that was different 7 months ago.  Where is the open boarders policy you keep claiming about or the policy that says all immigrants will be able to stay in the US or just anything.

SO how is tax increases on the rich going to hurt the average person.  I believe I heard this before, It was when Obama took office and the GOP started that whole fear campaign on the Bush taxes going away and all that happiness.  

Finally you present something we can talk about.  So the article you posted shows increase in goods and services but one thing is left out of that article is why.  So I am guessing that since things has gone up based on the stats, its in direct correlation with the Biden Administration and policy or could there be some other factors.  

This article gives an explanation, I wonder if you will read it??

There has been no effort to encourage immigrants to come.

You really believe taxes will only increase on the rich? I guess we can wait and see, but its evident that's not needed to increase the costs of living.

I think we agree inflation and the administration impacts prices as well. Naturally the money just has less value.

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