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sundin13 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Re-earn trust among the left? People that have often complained and tend to make excuses for criminal behavior. I personally look at the incidents or what cities require police to do.

I'm clearly not looking for a big debate. In short, cities will get what they deserve. If you don't trust or want to rely on police, then enjoy the rising crime. We've actually seen a population decline in certain cities and states partly for this reason. I mean why tolerate high costs of living when it also means you have to deal with havoc in the streets? The best reason to live in expensive areas is to avoid the poor and/or criminals.

If cities want to demoralize police, I would suggest have plan. Not just giving criminals more freedom. In some cities, more police officers have been wanting to retire than the cities allowed.

It seems like NYC is actually going to pick a mayor simply for his focus on crime, that shows there still may be some sanity in that city. He even admitted mass shootings are a problem with handguns in colored communities. Not often a democrat will admit that.

For someone clearly not looking for a big debate, you sure do a lot of debating. I'm not sure what part of your lengthy history is supposed to convince me of that point haha

But anyways, do you not see that the paradigm you are establishing is fucked? What you are saying is that if the police abuse trust, you need to trust them more or else crime will increase. That is fucked. It isn't the responsibility of the citizenry to trust the government, it is the responsibility of the government to earn the trust of the citizenry. A drop in trust of public institutions is something that the institutions must respond to by enacting reform. We don't solve this problem by just trusting harder. That is dumb. 

Further, you keep blaming this type of thing on "cities" or "policies", but the 478

Yeah, I'm incredibly interesting so people tend to talk to me even when I give simple responses.

Police certainly wouldn't be unique at abusing power. If cities or a certain party has lost faith in them, that's fine I guess. I would simply suggest having another solution to deal with crime before essentially neutering your police. Take from that what you will.

You're preaching to the choir about government trust. That's why I don't vote democrat.

"lack of trust largely comes from Police Misconduct, and individuals reacting to police misconduct." You know a vast majority of police interactions don't end in some sort of misconduct. If some bad interactions is all it takes for a city to want less policing, well I guess we know the results. It often leads to higher crime. Hence, people losing faith in police seems to benefit criminal behavior more.

For the record, I think cameras on police officers are great. It allows us to see when they screw up/abuse power AND we also see the dregs of society they deal with. More important, I love the cameras so we can see police kill scum in POV.

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