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sundin13 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I think you're confused by my second paragraph. The primary point was blue cities are seeing a bigger increase in crime due to them essentially demoralizing police without having any other solution to deal with crime. And I'm glad that's happening, people that assume the worst of police but not criminals deserve what they get. Although, gun sales have gone up significantly because people do recognize criminals need to die.

My perspective is the police are people that deal with the worst of our communities. If people want less police and more guns to kill criminals, I kinda like that. We are like the Wild West again.

So, what role do you think the police have in regards to community perceptions of police after an officer involved shooting? 

I believe that what we saw over the last year is a response to police misconduct. Police may not like that response, but I am of the belief that it is then their responsibility to re-earn the trust that they lost. As of now, it seems that they are not willing to do this. As such, I place the majority of the blame for the tensions between community members and police on the police for failing in their duty and for then failing to regain that trust, not on the community members who criticize them for their misconduct. 

Re-earn trust among the left? People that have often complained and tend to make excuses for criminal behavior. I personally look at the incidents or what cities require police to do.

I'm clearly not looking for a big debate. In short, cities will get what they deserve. If you don't trust or want to rely on police, then enjoy the rising crime. We've actually seen a population decline in certain cities and states partly for this reason. I mean why tolerate high costs of living when it also means you have to deal with havoc in the streets? The best reason to live in expensive areas is to avoid the poor and/or criminals.

If cities want to demoralize police, I would suggest have plan. Not just giving criminals more freedom. In some cities, more police officers have been wanting to retire than the cities allowed.

It seems like NYC is actually going to pick a mayor simply for his focus on crime, that shows there still may be some sanity in that city. He even admitted mass shootings are a problem with handguns in colored communities. Not often a democrat will admit that.

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