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noshten said:

Good start for Shin-chan, its actually out of stock right now on 

The main thing is that it's a bit short and single player focused. So it might not have very strong legs unless they add additional content in the coming weeks/months. Still I think it might be a popular title in the summer and should end up selling 200K units this year. 

With the launch week of Shin-chan being 100K, 200K is guaranteed - probably by the end of the summer - yet again COMG is underestimating titles like this one.

Skyward Sword HD is definitely a bigger opening than the Wii version with digital, could easily be a 500K seller with digital end of the year; Switch & Breath of the Wild being so popular has definitely impacted Zelda games positively. 

After this week I'm assuming that rest of the summer is slower compared to last year but sales really outpace last year when OLED launches, just think Japan might be the region where OLED replaces the older hybrid the fastest (probably in early 2022 if not sooner)