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Mr Puggsly said:
Machiavellian said:

Sundin did a pretty good job of answering you on the crime stat and the immigration which I might add I am still wondering if we will ever get anything concrete from you on the policy that you believe is bringing chaos to the boarder.

What part of San Fran is shit and what policy from the Dems contribute to it.  Why would I know any specifics since you did not give any.  I do not live in San Fran so why would I care.  Enlighten me on the data that supports your opinion.  Nothing is easier then throwing out some opinion with absolutely nothing more to it then "Its controlled by Dems".  As I always find when you ask people on specifics well they seem to never have any. Its the reason why I feel the majority of the time context just seems to escape you.  All you need is that a Dem controls something and that's it but you cannot provide anything else which show a lack of even cursory attempt to look at the issues.

Thank your for correcting my spelling of inDebt, now that we got that out of the way, did you actually read the articles or did you just do what I knew you would do and ignore it.

I actually do not need to educate the judges because the issue I linked about no judge overruled it.  Maybe you need to actually look at the issue first before responding.  Is it really that hard to go deeper into an issue besides the cursory aspect you seem to show.  Most of your opinions seem to be just that cursory. If a headline says something, you probably never actually read it as long as it appear to support your opinion.

So let me ask this question, do you fear socialism.

This is you in a nutshell. "Please ignore the results of the Biden administration, just show me policy!" I think you're smart enough to know you're being intellectually dishonest. You're shilling hard, bro.

I think you misunderstood some points... and I'm not gonna elaborate.

No, I didn't read the links. Are they even relevant? I'm focused more on results of the current administration. Do your links prove the current administration has no influence on the current results? I doubt it. I'm not even sure we are talking about the same thing. Maybe you're trying to pull a straw man but I refuse to get dragged there.

Do I fear socialism? Does it matter? My main focus is the current administration is lowering quality of life for the average person. More importantly, I want people to continue suffering for having faith in such corrupt leadership.

Its hard to ignore something when the person making claims have not given anything.  Its not I who is saying the Biden administration immigration policy is causing chaos at the boarder its you.  How can I ignore something when I cannot get one policy from you that is causing the issue.  If you have nothing just admit it and move on.  You keep waffling on this point but seem to lack the ability to bring the goods.  I actually was willing to listen to which policy you are talking about but we cannot seem to get that important piece from you.

Its good you are not going to elaborate, I really did not think you were ready since we cannot get anything real on the immigration point.

Trust me, I already knew you would not read anything, it was a given.  Its the reason why most people form opinions without ever understanding the subject.  Why waste time understanding a subject when you can just form a bias opinion without context.  The links I provided was in context to the effort of the administration addressing an issue with minority farmers.  It was directed towards your statement about Biden policy favoring minorities.  I chose that one topic because there are a few but who needs to go over all of them.  Even then you could not muster the basic ability to read up on the issue but instead are more willing to hold on to your opinion never to have it challenged in fear you may be ignorant of the subject.

Man you sound like a Dem.  I believe they were saying the same thing during the Trump administration. Anyway, here we are again with another broad statement but with nothing behind it.  How exactly is the current administration dropping the quality of life you hold so dear.  Personally, I have not experienced any change between my quality of life between Obama, Trump or Biden but then again, I might not be in the same bracket as you.  So what is the change that has dropped your quality of life I am guessing from Trump to Biden.