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Angelus said:

Can't help but be sad for Chris Paul. Highly unlikely he'll get another crack at that elusive title. Still though, heck of a playoff run he had at 36. Hopefully he's able to reflect upon it in a positive light once all the dust settles.

That said, while I am sad for CP3, it's also hard not to be happy for the Bucks. They really came together, and played by far their best basketball in the Finals, when it mattered. Giannis came back within a week from what looked like it was going to be a devastating injury, and pretty much lit the world on fire. Even down 0-2, total never say die attitude. You gotta respect, and applaud it.

Yeah unless he ops out of the final year of his contract and signs with another contender (Lakers) this was pretty much his last great chance of winning a title as a starter.  He could still eventually win a title riding the bench on championship team like Gary Payton did with the '06 Heat.