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KLAMarine said:

Booker and Ayton did not show up. Disappointing.

This series was a lot like the Bucks-Raptors series from two years ago. In '19, the Bucks went up 2-0 at home and Giannis looked unstoppable. Then the Raptors put up a wall that completely bamboozled Giannis, who got completely drunk on hero ball in an attempt to brute force past it,Coach Budenhozer had no idea how to adjust to it, and most of the Bucks did not rise to the occassion.

Booker was great in the first two games in Phoenix, but then got suckered into iso-heavy hero ball through these last four games. He got his shots, he got his numbers, he kept Phoenix competitive in every game, but the ball movement and flow of offense that the Suns were used to kind of stopped in the process. Guys like Crowder and Payne that were giving Phoenix big minutes and timely shots earlier in the series became less effective as it wore on. I'm sure being frozen out of touches and being a part of more possessions didn't help that.