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Chris Hu said:
burninmylight said:

And none of that has anything to do with the '15 Hawks vs. the '21 Hawks. I think we're pretty much done here, but I'll humor you.

"I don't have cable so I don't watch SportsCenter."

Neither do I, but have you heard of this thing called the Internet? I think you might be using it. One can easily find SportsCenter there. I mean, someone is feeding you information somehow. Do you ride into town on your best horse every few days to get a paper?"

"Also since live in Texas and follow all Texas NBA teams I'm also very familiar with Clint Capella I mentioned him on VgChartz years ago already.  He just needs a couple more solid years to also be better then any of the players on '15 Hawks team."

Oh, so you are aware that there are other players on the court that contribute to a team's success, and they don't necessarily have to make All-Star teams or be featured on magazine covers to be relevant... or is it that you're only aware of Capella because you happened to see his name on the back of his jersey while watching James Harden highlights?

Either way, maybe you should bring up this argument that he'll be better than anyone on the '15 Hawks in a couple of years in 2023, when making the comment might actually start to make sense, because that has nothing to do with anything now. Also, Capela is 27; I wouldn't exactly call him a "rising star brimming with untapped potential."

"Also you bringing up NBA 2K in the previous comment was extremely dumb since I barely play that franchise and its extremely easy to find that out all you have to do is click on my signature exophase tracks the play time in those games extremely well."

I have no idea what you are talking about, but you seem to think that I am supposed to be aware of all these details of your personal life as if we aren't two strangers on the Internet. I could not care less about your "exophase tracks" and your playtime, and that has nothing to do with this whole discussion.

Nope, you can't easily find SportsCenter on the internet.  Also you must be blind if you can't see the EXPHPASE.COM gamercard at the bottom of my replies.  Again all you have to do is click on it to see that I barely play NBA2K and when I do I definitely don't use custom teams.  If it has nothing to do with the discussion you shouldn't have brought up NBA2K in the first place.

Lol, the team that you gave ZERO credit to all throughout the finals, led by the player that you gave ZERO credit to for the past two years, despite becoming THE LEAGUE MVP in 2019 when you said it wouldn't happen, then THE TWO-TIME MVP AND DPOY the very next year, and has now defied all of the odds to become THE FINALS MVP TWO WEEKS AFTER HIS KNEE WAS BENT FIVE INCHES THE WRONG WAY, and you just now decide to reply to comment from what, two weeks ago? Get the fuck outta here with that small-time shit, peasant.

Since you don't know how to work the Internet, let me update you on the latest happenings in the NBA: