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IT's always so strange to hear all of this talk about how long it takes to set up a console anymore. I'm not sure if maybe I'm living in a fantasy land but hooking up my PS5 to my 4K TV took me like half an hour, tops. there was a bit of concern with the external hard drive for the first few months (it kept stuttering and freezing), but actual PS5 games were basically instant, and there were never any problems with any of the display features or details. I found it stunningly easy to handle. Again, the only issue I've regularly had with it was when I was trying to use a 4TB USB Passport hard drive instead of one of those ones you actually plug into the wall with its own power adapter. Ever since then, the console has basically been perfect.

That said, Astro's Playroom is an absolute gem of a game and everyone who gets a PS5 needs to play it, first.

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