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padib said:

Sounds promising, will definitely keep an eye on it. Is it only on steam OS or are there plans to make it available on Ubuntu?

Also how do you see the space question, will you be playing mostly indies and small games on it, how will playing off an SD card impact the experience? I have a small nvme on my laptop and a large hard disk and it can be slow to get games going until I upgrade.

I'm waiting for reviews and it to be released on Brazil before buying, but if I actually could buy one:

- Would never use a Switch to play indies again, because indies are half of the price on steam. I already buy most of them on PC anyway, but have some on Switch to play on the go 
- Would never play smaller/A third parties on Switch again, unless they were Switch exclusive. Again, they are just less expensive on Steam
- Would never play smaller/A third parties on PS4 again, unless they were PS4 exclusive, because with steam deck I can play as handheld, while at home I can play on my laptop

Basically would turn Switch to play Switch-exclusive games only, and even then I would be skeptical because many Switch exclusives are released on PC later like Octopath Travaler, maybe will be only a matter of waiting. That's because Nintendo don't release physical games here, so I need to import and suffer the nightmare of taxes and delivery fees. Digital vs digital, better to go with Steam at least I know they won't shut down their store unlike Nintendo 

Would use PS4 (in future PS5) to play Sony games and the AAA releases. I don't have a good PC and I prefer physical. Besides AAA won't play that good on handhelds, they are better on TVs I think