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Captain_Yuri said:
Chazore said:

People ont his site really, and I mean really, need to get it out of their heads that this is some first party Switch killer machine, because it really isn't, and the expectations that it's going to flop, because it's not cheap as chips (going with £100-200 less, because why not, some ppl here are cray with prices anyway) or has first party titles.

This is exactly what I've been asking for for years and it's finally becoming a thing, so there definitely is a market for this thing, way more so than Steam machines ever was (that concept was doomed the moment Valve allowed 3rd parties to take control). 

Pretty much. Like I own a Switch and I know how good of a handheld it is. But there are plenty of things that I wish it did and that's the hole this fills. This is a console for PC gamers like myself, not for people that want the switch experience.

Like Nintendo games on it look great, they really do. But then you try to play third party games on it...  It looks truly terrible for my liking. Like if you look at something like the Witcher 3, this is effectively what the difference is going to be:

The left is the switch version, the right is the ps4 version as this is more powerful than a base ps4. It's why many people wanted a Switch Pro so badly.

The main reason I am fapping to this is because if you wanted to play third party games on an handheld, you had to either pay $1000 for a PC handheld which are significantly weaker than this or you get a switch and deal with it's short comings. Now you can play Xbox and Playstation games that are coming to PC as well as the large library of PC games on the go. Heck you can even play gamepass games day 1 on this and you don't need to re-buy any of your steam games.

you are using an outdated picture of Witcher 3 on Switch just saying. With the extra graphics options, turning sharpness all the way up and turning off AA actually makes the entire image much clearer. 

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