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This is a thread/emotional support group focused on consoling each other for our respective gaming hardware disasters. Either post about something that happened to your gaming rig and wait for others to support you emotionally with kind words, or respond to other's misery with your own kind words.

I will lead by example:

Hello, my name is Ben. My toddler was running around my laptop and I had a bubble bottle open that I was making bubbles with for her. Something happened (she started to fall I think), which caused my dad-reaction to kick in and lunge my arms forward to respond to her fall. Bubble juice all over my Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2080RTX Supermax model). Keyboard got all wacked up so I took it to Microcenter and they found liquid on the motherboard. Told me it would basically be like buying a new computer to replace that and warranties don't cover that sort of damage (no I did not buy accidental insurance). Attempting to use external keyboards, but so far the laptop keyboard is resisting all attempts to be disabled despite me trying everything I could find online, so it continues to do wacky things. I've basically been told it's a matter of time before my laptop dies completely because of the soapy water (so far it is working perfectly fine in every other way except the keyboard). Anyway, that's my story. 

Share your stories below/respond kindly to others.