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Week 26 Breakdown:

PlayStation 4: Up in the United States; Down in Europe, Japan, and the Rest of the World; Down overall.

PlayStation 5: Up in all regions.

Xbox One: Down in all regions.

Xbox Series: Up in all regions.

Nintendo Switch: Up in Europe and the Rest of the World; Down in the United States and Japan; Down overall.


We are officially at the halfway point of this year's Hardware Battle!

(Da-da-da-daa, Daa, Daa, Da, da-daaaaaa!)

As such, let's review what the story looks like for all 5 systems in this comparison:

PlayStation 4: The only region where it's really putting up a fight is the US region. It is on a 16 week winning streak in that region and continues to slowly chip away at its deficit and I'd say there's a good-likely chance that the PS4 might come out on top over the PS3 in the United States. Everywhere else, including worldwide? ...Not so much.

PlayStation 5: At the halfway point, the PS5 has a healthy lead over the PS4 worldwide (539k). That is largely do to building very sizable leads in Europe (307k) and the Rest of the World (158k). It has a rather slim lead in the United States (85k) given the size of that region. And it is actually down very slightly in Japan (-11k) although it is currently on a 13 week winning streak and is on the verge of taking the lead over the PS4. So it's only a matter of time before the PS5 is completely ahead and it's hard to foresee a scenario where the PS5 doesn't come out on top.


Xbox One: Unlike the PS4, where it has one region going for it. The Xbox One has absolutely nothing going for it in its battle with its predecessor, the 360. It has not gotten a single win win in any region or worldwide and this is the 5th week in a row where the baseline has declined. This is about as one-sided as it gets. At this point, it's just about seeing how far it will drop.

Xbox Series: At the halfway point, the Xbox Series has officially crossed the magic mark of being 1 million units ahead of its predecessor. It's on a 15 week winning streak worldwide. It has won all but 2 weeks in the US region; All but 1 week in Europe; And thanks to the latest surge in Japan, it is quickly approaching the point where it will beat the Xbox One in Japan before it even launches over there. And it has not lost a single week in the Rest of the World region. This is shaping like a big win for Microsoft and that they are well on their way from putting the disappointment of the Xbox One behind them.

Nintendo Switch: By far the most anticipated match-up of this thread. It is the one that is putting up the biggest numbers, and yet it is the absolutely closest comparison. Following further downward adjustments for 2021, just 58k separates this year and last year on the worldwide comparison. And that is due to the fact that despite 2021 being ahead in the US, Japan, and the Rest of the World; It is FAR behind in Europe.