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I really enjoy turn based RPG games such as Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle and so on. But they are not very easy to find, very few games from that genre as released. I'm really looking forward Square's next SRPG to be released somewhere in future, if you aren't aware, here's the trailer:

There is also a demo, you can download it on eshop

Anyway, this thread is to ask you guys some recommendations for Strategic RPGs where you have a board and needs to move your party through a field and not only your stats and set ups are important, but your field positions too. I've played quite a few of those games so far, but there isn't much I could find myself it's a very niche subgenre it seems

My current set up of consoles are a Switch, a PC and a PS4. I would really appreciate if someone could give me something similar to play. Some nice things I'm expecting:

- Good story. Doesn't need to be groundbreaking, but needs to be interesting enough to keep me going trough it. I've dropped Valkyria Chronicles 4 because I found the story and the characters hard to get along

- Setting. Something more... let's say conventional. I've tried Disgaea 5 on PC but didn't really like the art style and setting

- Complex gameplay mechanics that needs some level of plan ahead and smart party set up are important, It's a strategy game there is no fun is just cakewalking trough the game slaying every enemy just because you got some time grinding. 

I thank everybody in advance