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SvennoJ said:

This is about paying extra for something you should be getting anyway.

Nope, that's where you are fundamentally wrong. You are not entitled to any new content after the sale is completed, unless specifically stated otherwise.

With my logic PS5 games will stay $70 and you have already paid the $10 difference ;)

You are acting like Sony are giving GOT away for free. Far from the case. 

This is Sony trying to justify selling their PS4 games at PS5 price because they can, and instead of being critical, you are praising this habit.

Sony could have the decency to honor their PS5 customers. Instead they are using PS5 customers as whales and adding fees on features that probably took one guy in Sony's office on his regular salary to implement. Sony want to make millions off the idea and you have opened your wallet instead of questioning. 

If you like paying extra than suit yourself, However its that attitude which is why we end up with shitty business practices.