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Maybe not, as the OP was probably too long for most people to bother with, unfortunately.

Anyway yeah, I hear about the 'real meaning' of defunding the police all the time by proponents thereof, naturally. It's supposedly not about reduced law enforcement, but about focusing police departments specifically on law enforcement and not other things better left to social workers. The truth of it though is concentrated in things like the aforementioned debate over whether to open a new police precinct at all near an under-served neighborhood that's only becoming less safe. Funding levels affect everything, including law enforcement itself.

I also think that technocratic politicians have frankly wielded demands like "defund the police" cynically and disingenuously when their real motivation appears to be that many local government budgets became unbalanced during the Covid pandemic. You'll notice how quickly many municipal governments have reversed themselves on the issue since the passage of the Rescue Plan in March, for example.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 11 July 2021