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You know, Iceland's just kind of an awesome country in general. Their workforce unionization rate is still over 90% (the highest on Earth today), their wealth gap isn't widening, it was the last place on Earth to be settled by humans and more than 99% of their energy supply comes from renewable sources, the World Economic Forum consistently ranks them the most woman-friendly country on Earth anymore, cohabitation is the rule, the beauty industry there is weak because people believe in naturalist aesthetics, they've elected three female heads of state (one president and two prime ministers) in the last 41 years; these being a single mom from a working class background, the world's first openly lesbian head of state, and their current prime minister, many Iceland believe in elves and trolls (seriously!), statistically 1 in every 10 Icelanders will publish a book in their lifetime, and they've never had an army and done just fine. Also, Iceland was recently ranked the world's second-happiest country. So of course it was Iceland to conduct this particularly sweeping and long-lasting experiment with four-day work weeks.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 11 July 2021