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Jaicee said:

Speaking as someone who typically has to request the addition of a sixth day to my work week in order not to make bills, I really want to stress the importance of the "with no reduction in pay" part of this policy. Because I mean I absolutely cannot live on just four workdays per week on my current rate of pay.

If I didn't have to lose any pay though, I'd LOVE to work just four days a week! That sounds like heaven to me. I'm always tired and I'm tired of being tired. It makes me grouchy, which is the worst thing you can be in a service type job like mine.

A wage so low like that it's not enough to pay your bills, let alone actually live, should not exist.

Thankfully, it looks like more and more Americans are waking up to this and leaving those job offerings vacant. So much so that the first bosses already start complaining that Americans became lazy, trying to pass the blame to the people instead of raising their wages and solve the problem.