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Runa216 said:
Azzanation said:

BC is awesome and Sony should continue with it as BC is now a standard in the industry. It should never disappear.

Wait so you understand why they are charging more for PS5 games but did you forget that GOT is a PS4 game? Or did you forget that part? If they are increasing prices for PS5 games than why are PS4 games being charged for full price and a little extra for PS5 features?

At the end of the day, if you and Runa216 like being bent over by a company who not only is making millions in this industry and doing very well, but also trying to milk you a little bit further and give you excuses like adding Lip Syncing to sweeten the deal than iv done my part in warning you. I hope this practice doesn't spread like a disease across the industry. 

Nobody's getting bent over anything, dude. As time goes on, things get more expensive. It's not our fault that you don't understand how the economy works, or more specifically the core concept of inflation. 

The Ps4 game isn't having a $10 increase, but swapping to the Ps5 version does. Considering PS exclusives on PS5 all have an increase in price...that's reasonable. Just pay the difference and BAM, you get a whole new version of a game instead of having to re-buy it from scratch. The precedent is there, historically it makes sense, nothing about this is greedy. why are you bending over backwards to convince yourself and others that this is in any way bad? 

Oh, right. I see what forum most of your posts are in. This isn't about logic, it's about [redacted].

Another one using high priced PS5 games as the excuse for the added paywall, and they forget the game they are referring to is a PS4 game.

Okay dude, go spend that extra $10 for free accessories and support the idea.