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SvennoJ said:

That while you publish your videos on you tube that's rife with constant ads nowadays... Just because they can, since they're the top player. Just saying :p

That's quite a bit different, surely you know that YouTube doesn't cost anything to use or upload to (free to use), so their primary revenue comes from companies paying THEM to run ads, lol

Though, I'm not monetized, so you wouldn't be getting ads watching my videos (unless there's a copyright claim in which the claimant can play ads on the video and receive full revenue from them).  The only corporate greed there is that YouTube saw how much people hate ads, and you can pay for a no-ads experience... I'd rather just skip ads then pay, hahaha!

numberwang said:

Audi shots volume is too high. Mix them down a bit

Funnily enough, I've dropped the volume of the splash screen shots twice from feedback, it's already been dropped by 80% (yes, the original sound and sound file are THAT much louder!)

But I'll drop it another bit to, like, 16% (currently at 20%), though I'd say I'm not in the upper ranks of obnoxiously loud splash screens

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