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IcaroRibeiro said:
Matsku said:

That would lead to PC being the only platform, cause no one would have incentive to buy a Console. Don't get me wrong I'd love that, but I doubt Nintendo will ever put their games on PC.

I think most of people buy consoles because of three things:

- It's cheaper 

- It's accessible in the sense you don't need to bother with specs and upgrades 

- It has an habit to play on consoles, and people don't like changing habits 

Even if all games were on PC, I don't think consoles would stop selling. I mean, Xbox are still selling 50 million despite all their games being on PC as well 

If Xbox can sell 50 million with a brand nowhere near as big as Sony I can pretty much see Sony selling their 70-80 million regardless of their games being on PC or not 

As for Nintendo, they are the only publisher selling handhelds, that's will secure their 40-50 million no matter what happens. But I agree, if they release their major games on PC their market share would suffer because there would almost no point buying Nintendo home consoles to play a thing that can be played elsewhere, their consoles are far too underpowered to justify a purchase for people who only or mostly plays as home console and could play their games elsewhere. I personally would still buying because I like handhelds but if I was a console gamer I would never buy a Nintendo again if I could play their IPs on PC, specially because they never require high specs, even my entry level PC can play games better than my Switch 

There's no point in buying one console over the other or a PC if there are no exclusives is my point. That's why they exist.

I don't see Sony or Nintendo putting their games on rival consoles, but Sony and Microsoft are already putting their games on PC and I think there's a chance Nintendo will follow suit although I think it's pretty unlikely. At that point, PC gaming would easily be cheaper than Console gaming if you want to play all games that will be made.

Last edited by Matsku - on 09 July 2021