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Leynos said:
eva01beserk said:

Are you sure? cuz I belive people still talk of the horizon forbiden west one. Thats the thing with focused events like this, if the game in focus is boring like this one, the show will be a bust, but when the game is great like horizon it shakes the internet. 

I'm sure. That one came and went and saw little online about it after. Until last week still saw people talking about Metroid Dread.

Then you are probably avoiding certain topics. Cuz horizon vs halo is a very comon topic since they will be both the big cross gen holliday titles. And also lets also not forget previous state of plays like returnal and ratchet and clank or even last year like ghost and last of us. big games alays droped everyones jaws and was all people could talk about.

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