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eva01beserk said:
Leynos said:

The State of Boredom. Sony SOP is absolutely awful everytime. They have great consoles and games but you can hardly tell with every SOP. With an ND people are hyped even on a rumor of one. When one happens usually at least 1 thing people lose their mind over. Often talk of that ND a week or 2 after. SOP. Hardly anyone ever mentions it when one is announced and I rarely see anyone anywhere talk about it even minutes after it aired, like wow did you see what they announced! Nope, that just does not happen with a SOP as it does with an ND anywhere online. Sony has not figured how to do these correctly yet.

Are you sure? cuz I belive people still talk of the horizon forbiden west one. Thats the thing with focused events like this, if the game in focus is boring like this one, the show will be a bust, but when the game is great like horizon it shakes the internet. 

I'm sure. That one came and went and saw little online about it after. Until last week still saw people talking about Metroid Dread.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!