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Azzanation said:

My point is you are not forced into buying the new Xbox controller while Sony are charging you to utilize the features of their new controllers with some games.

so you're saying Microsoft should be applauded for refusing to innovate or make their new console stand out? I know you can't possibly be saying that, because that would be rather silly. The Ps5's controller is amazing, and implementing its unique features takes time and money, I don't see how it's a bad thing to add extra features with an extra cost. And like many others, Ghost of Tsushima already got loaded with tonnes of upgrades and new content and features free of charge as it is. They already made the PS4 version function a whole lot better on PS5 as it is, so it's not like you HAVE To upgrade. 

I think it's clear at this point you're just being cynical for the sake of it. I went back through the last few pages and so many of your arguments are completely out of left field or inconsistent or completely noncongruent with how business/innovation works. The fact that you genuinely tried to make it look like a BAD thing that Sony added a bunch of features and options to their new controller makes it clear you're not about actual improvements but instead just here to be contrarian or pointlessly critical. 

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