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ironmanDX said:

Perception is key. All of thse underlined features are things that games simply get patched in, at no additional cost all the time. 

Also, paying money to fully utilise your controller features is harsh too.

Looks poor next to other companies with less than stellar reputautions like EA and Ubisoft who have offered upgrades to games for free.

This bolded part may be true, but you need to realize that just because something WAS free (As an incentive to be an early adopter or to ensure people get more value out of their console at/near launch), doesn't mean it'll continue to be free. 

Nintendo released a bunch of free Virtual Console games on the 3DS, does that mean they're never allowed to charge for virtual console games in the future? That'd be absurd. It was an offer of apology for the poor launch lineup and to thank those who adopted early. 

Many companies who run online services give the first 1-3 months free, as an incentive to get people to give it a shot and see if they're interested. But that's just a signing bonus, not 'well we gave you one month free, why not all months free?' 

So why can't PS5/Xbox give away a bunch of free upgrades in the first year of their console as an incentive to upgrade or an assurance that games they buy in that first year or so, then expect you to pay later once that initial period wears off? These upgrades, while cheap compared to the cost of full game development cycles, still cost time and money and thus are worth time and money. So yes, it's absolutely reasonable that some companies decided to give it away for a while there to add value to the PS5, but if you honestly felt that would go on forever, you're a fool. That's not how the economy works. For most of these companies, the free upgrades we got were either a matter of something so insignificant it hardly counts as an upgrade, or it was a form of marketing by the developers to inspire you to buy their stuff and get brand loyalty. 

IT's crazy to me that people think that just because a company was generous once that they were obligated to never ask for money again. Absolute insanity, if you ask me. 

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