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Over a year ago (from memory) when talk about 'New Switch Pro' or other new models was becoming more regular, I remember posting that I can't see any point for Nintendo to do a serious mid-gen upgrade, and that any further models would just be revisions to the form factor and I wouldn't bother following any rumours henceforth.

How many people continued hanging on all the leaks and other BS over all that time, making a big deal out of every little nugget, to the point where many began talking about 'New Switch Pro (4k)' like it was already a done deal.

This is no different from the environment of 'Nintendo NX' rumour-mongering up to the point of the Switch reveal which had a mild reception-- people saying it was competing with tablets and smart phones, too expensive, too weak etc. etc. --and yet Nintendo Switch has become a sales phenomenon in spite of it all.

Yet here we were again, with people pushing their expectations onto Nintendo, believing the only logical thing was for Nintendo to have some 4k model to help 'catch up' with the competition. And here we are again, with people being the architects of their own disappointment. Yet this product will probably sell very well and achieve what Nintendo is hoping for, not that they needed help with Switch already dominating the market.